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“Free the words, express the meanings.”

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A family, personalities


Mode of expression: hypersensitive

Aline is one of the extroverted people. She loves people, "the human". His sensitivity borders on hypersensitivity. She likes to draw inspiration from art, from readings to bring it back to the wine sector.

Aline is attentive to "the other": she is keen to feel and understand what everyone likes to share, taste, and always manages to take a taster to something new. She is a person of conviction, demanding and with strong commitment. Meticulous, conscientious, Aline feels good in this Champagne environment, which was not hers at birth. Being an independent winegrower was for her the condition of her development.


Mode of expression: detected in action

Diane is an observer. It unites the wild side and even the endian of her parents. It carries out its projects in full independence and endeavors to finalize them. For Diane, wine is not just sharing, but doing it yourself: she is a director; she is in action. His excellent memory, notably olfactory, will certainly be one of his strengths in the profession.

Like Olivier, she is aware of the impact of the vine on the expressiveness of the wines. Once in the winery, it overflows with passion and imagination to create new vintages ...


Mode of expression: underlying

Olivier is passionate: conscientious, respectful, he needs the vine. He’s a little wild and sensitive winemaker too. He likes to communicate with "technical" people, specialized in their field.

Demanding with himself, he is demanding with his team. Aline says of him that he is a little "gross" but endowed with a certain modesty. Who hides a very beautiful sensitivity. For Olivier, wine is a way of communicating with others: wine embodies its form of generosity, its openness to others.


Mode of expression: positively, on edge

Agathe is sensitive to others and has a great ability to adapt to all environments. For her, it is not the result but the course that counts, she knows its personal and universal richness. Original, offbeat, she likes to travel and share.

Her sensorality is exacerbated, she is "reactive" (smell, touch). It is intended for perfumery: an area understood and loved by all, to which it can bring its nonconformism! For her, champagne is a family heritage, it represents her origins. It intends to promote its image internationally.

All four are very different both physically and culturally,
than in their lifestyles and their sensitivities.
Everyone brings their difference.
Together, they like to get together to phosphorus around Champagne Jacquinet-Dumez.

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