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In the Premier Cru village, Les Mesneux, Aline, Olivier & Diane, their daughter, independent winegrowers, use their own language and continue the family history as the 4th generation of winegrowers.

For Aline, wine creates links, exchanges and sharing.
For Olivier, it is his medium of expression: his creative freedom, his originality and his high standards are reflected in it.
For Diane, champagne is the opportunity to combine her thirst for action in addition to her national oenologist diploma.
Thus, a very particular vocabulary was created.
Discover the other language of Champagne: that of intuition, emotion, conviction and above all ... sharing.

Champagnes Modern, precise and gourmet, the Jacquinet-Dumez Champagnes corne from a specialized and passionate research. They are aimed at loyers of "Grands vins de Champagne".

Each vintage has built its own personality and knows how to be accessible. "Fresh maturity" is the common denominator of the House. The requirement of the winemaker is apparent, while leaving the full part to pleasure and sharing.


Through soil cultivation, the choice of vinification in vats and barrels, the control of relatively low doses, and a "picking" of wines at the right moment, Olivier presents different expressions of the Jacquinet-Dumez language. 


Treaty of Philosophy House

The Jacquinet-Dumez Champagnes are the resuit of a specialized and passionate research, while leaving a lot to pleasure. Olivier Jacquinet practices, first and foremost, a sensible viticulture (soil cultivation, weeding, rational control).

By his practices, he joined the restricted circle of HVE (High Environmental Value) certified holdings. It makes the choice of skilful vinifications, in vats and barrels, and reveals its soil by the control of relatively small doses.


He "picks" his wines at the right moment, and delivers in each of his champagnes, a different language ...

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Our history

From Champagne Henri Dumez to Champagne Jacquinet-Dumez

Paulette and Henri Dumez: the beginnings

Champagne Jacquinet-Dumez anchors its beginnings in 1935 in Sacy, a Premier Cru village, where Henri Dumez planted Pinot Noir. He cultivates 3 hectares of vines, installs his press and his cellar. The very first cuvée of Champagne Henri Dumez is born. A 100% Pinot Noir champagne is available in Brut, Semi-dry, Dry and Extra-brut dosage. At the wheel of his van, Henri leaves to deliver his precious bottles to Paris.  


Henri and Paulette Dumez have three daughters: Claudine, the eldest in 1938, followed by Annick and Anne-Marie. Claudine is forced as an eider to take over a farm, immersed very young in the heart of the rows of vines, the profession is not unknown to her. From the age of sixteen, she contributed to the work of the parental home. 

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