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Our history

From Champagne Henri Dumez to Champagne Jacquinet-Dumez

Paulette et Henri Dumez :

the beginnings

Champagne Jacquinet-Dumez anchors its beginnings in 1935 in Sacy, a Premier Cru village, where Henri Dumez planted Pinot Noir. He cultivates 3 hectares of vines, installs his press and his cellar. The very first cuvée of Champagne Henri Dumez is born. A 100% Pinot Noir champagne is available in Brut, Semi-dry, Dry and Extra-brut dosage. At the wheel of his van, Henri leaves to deliver his precious bottles to Paris.

Henri and Paulette Dumez have three daughters: Claudine, the eldest in 1938, followed by Annick and Anne-Marie. Claudine is forced as an elder to take over a farm, immersed very young in the heart of the rows of vines, the profession is not unknown to her. From the age of sixteen, she contributed to the work of the parental home.

Claudine Dumez and Jean-Guy Jacquinet : From Sacy to Mesneux


In 1964, Claudine and Jean-Guy settled a few kilometers from Sacy, in Les Mesneux.

They build a house and a cellar. Jean-Guy, seeing always bigger, would have liked to have his own press, but the daily life is already full: he starts his career as a cooperator, and applies to make grow the exploitation by planting a major part of the vineyard .

He dedicated himself, with his wife, to the trade of Champagne Jacquinet-Dumez and to their 4 children, Jean-Pascal, Olivier, Antoine and Karine.

Aline & Olivier Jacquinet :

Emotional ascent

Olivier was born in 1961, the second boy in the family. When he was 18, his instincts pushed him to change the course of his life: "It's decided, I'm going to make the vines. He announces to his father on the phone. "La Vigne à Lahaye", a 50 ares vine, is then allocated to him for his first harvest declaration.

In 1984, sure of not wanting to join the Cooperative, the young winemaker undertook to restart the operation of his grandfather's press. Inactive for a generation, the press is taken to the carpenter and makes his comeback to the 1984 harvest under the proud and benevolent gaze of the grandparents. From this rainy and arduous first harvest, 2,000 bottles are born.

In 1985, Olivier met a young Rémoise, Aline. She studies accounting at the IUT of Reims. They quickly formed a strong couple, united by perpetual seduction. They settle in Villedommange. Aline supports her alter ego while working in a local print shop.

87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92 ... the following years were excellent vintages: Olivier's instinct was confirmed, his independence was successful.

Seeing the beautiful expansion of his son, Jean-Guy retires: he drops his secateurs and will never take it again. Very quickly, the grandfather's press and the vats became too small. In 1993, Olivier made way for a new building, nestled in the heart of his vineyards in Sacy. It houses new vats as well as an approved quality press of 4000 kg. It is a turning point in Olivier’s career and for him a tool symbol of his independence, a fundamental value of his vision of the profession.

Then in 1996, Olivier invited Aline to go fully behind the scenes of the operation: "We should work together, you will like it. We will make our own wine. ". He convinces her. Aline is involved in customer relations, she is keen to discover their origins. The two build strong mutual trust and share the good and bad times of exploitation.

Diane & Agathe :

The new generation

Two happy events mark their journey as a man and a woman: the birth in 1992 of Agathe, their first daughter, then of Diane two years later.

Year after year, wine becomes a link, a connector, a means of communication between the two of them, as well as with their daughters Agathe and Diane.

Agathe is destined to smell with a Master in Marketing Perfumery and Cosmetics at ISIPCA. She is developing Ajnalogie, an innovative olfactory label exploring well-being through olfaction.

Diane continues her parents' path with a DNO, National Diploma in oenology and is preparing to expand her knowledge in foreign vineyards.

The estate unceasingly unveils new vintages and registers its new faces: Aline, Olivier, alongside the new generation embodied by Agathe and Diane, are now Champagne Jacquinet-Dumez.

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